Thursday, June 14, 2007

this is us

we are z ( girl child, 3 years,8 months) and t (mama) we live rurally in western mass. (for more on our day to day you can read my blog theherbalway

i am an herbalist by profession and am presently completing my Lifeways Waldorf Training up at the Merriconeag School in Freeport ME. i am mainly focussing on the Anthroposophic approach to treating/healing children.

z is a healthy, energetic, and creative kid, loves dancing, singing, sand, mud and water. one morning a week we have been The Children's Art Museum hosting a simple a home schooling co-op, next week we will add a second day. i have the Enki kg curriculum and plan on working with that beginning next year when z is 4 1/2. until then i am working with the materials!

i am looking forward to creating a great resource for us all here and getting to know the group.

here is a question I'd like to put out. are there any other single parent/single child families out there homeschooling? i am especially interested in different ways of creating a "circle time"......that work with the one on one energy so it can still be fun but seem less "formal" though that may not be the right word.

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