Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Introduction

I'm excited!

For the past two weeks, as I've nursed my busy, busy toddler to sleep, I've enjoyed a bit of private time to think; and mostly I've been thinking about "A Taste of Waldorf." Do I want to share? What can I share? And I've realized, as I've enjoyed my moments of uninterupted thought, that I do want to share.

Thanks Sara, for giving me this opportunity. It's a bit like renting. I don't have to shovel snow or mow the lawn, or worry about replacing the roof. It's easy.

So, I've learned to use my camera (but I make no claims to the quality of the photos!), and I'm using my nursing moments to think, and....Here we go....

I'm Kirsten. I've got three fantastic, crazy kids, and I'm relatively new to Waldorf-inspired home-schooling. Here we are:

This is Falcon. He got to choose his own name, and he really wants to BE Falcon. He is patient and empathetic - two things that I have not yet learned to be. He has a habit of saving any treats until the rest of us are finished, then guzzling in front of us. He is nine this year and has just finished 3rd grade.

This is Charlotte. After the Arabel's spider. Like her name-sake Charlotte is a lover of beauty and words. She dreams and colors and picks flowers, and will sit for as much poetry as I will read. She also has a oddly dark sense of humor. She just turned 4 on May 31st (The Blue Moon). My husband thinks she may be a witch (A good witch).

This is Nazzy! After Tolkien's Nazghul - She's That Loud. Loud enough to silence a room full of adults. Loud enough that passers-by mumble about "that poor child..." Nazzy's just excited, and excited means full volume shrieks. Currently, things that get her to shriek are water, her scooter, cats, dogs, spiders, and worms. She shows the same level of excitement about a puppy and a worm. Nazzy's 15 months old. Guess that's what the world is like when it's new.

Behind the scenes there's my wonderful husband. He has asked to be called "The Nepheloid." The Nepheloid is a musician who works as a scientist. Before becoming a scientist he studied philosophy. He's the well-rounded part of our partnership.

So... For anyone out there who is considering posting - This was Easy. Piece of Cake. You do have a voice, and you have plenty of ideas. Give it a try, and make this a community effort.

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