Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

As I was digging through my email today I saw that Donna Simmons of Christopherus Homeschooling materials recently gave a review of Beyond the Rainbow Bridge on her blog. It's one of my favorite early-years Waldorf books, and so I excitedly clicked over to read her review expecting her to gush about Barbara Patterson and her fine book. But she didn't so much. She called it useful, sure, even valuable, but she set up the review with such a negative initial tone that you're bound to not even bother to look it up at all. Not even a glance.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

I loved this book! This book is what sold me on Waldorf Education! The first time I read it, I cried. Maybe this is not the normal response, but this was mine. It was like a healing experience. I found it lovely, gentle and wise, and yes, extremely useful.

The aim of this book is for parents raising children from 0-7 years. It was written by Patterson, a Waldorf teacher, and Pamela Bradley, a parent of a young child-- and the voice of the book, which Donna Simmons negatively refers to as "twee," really brings the reader down into the world of a small child so that they can begin to think from THAT perspective. Not from an adult perspective, but from that of a small child who need us to see things with new eyes. Smaller eyes.

The book goes on to discuss all the important topics: rhythm and play, homelife, creative discipline, the senses, what early Waldorf-classes look like, and a few examples of songs, and THE magical birthday story that you can share with your kids. There are also patterns for simple dolls and table puppets, instructions on finger knitting, an extensive resource section, and a list of fairytales with appropriate ages and sources.

I consider this book to be THE early-years Waldorf primer. It explains things very simply and fluidly without going on and on as some books tend to do. There is also a parent question and answer session, something akin to what you'll find on Waldorf e-lists, only trickled through the pages of a lovely book.

But don't take my word for it. There are oodles of fine reviews over at Amazon!

Also, be sure to check out the multitude of information over at Michaelmas Press:
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Table of contents.
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HerbalTonya said...


I was inspired to comment on this also.....Funny, I had a similar reaction when I red Donna Simmons review! For me this book was a very user friendly introduction to the Waldorf lifestyle. Granted it may not be so in-depth but when one is starting out on a journey.....to many complicated or elusive details sometimes kill the magic! and this book is simply magical. Striaght foward, and simple still it gives you solid information that you can start using right away, and not too much that you do not know where to start!

For new to waldorf families (who have expressed interest in learning about waldorf education) I suggest this book first and then "You are your childs first teacher" by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. However for new parents that I think may not be so inclinded to Waldorf I give a copy of Rahimas book first.

Together they are all you need for the first few years.

Now I will write an introductory post......

Mardi said...

I love Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and still find it very useful.

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