Saturday, June 16, 2007

How we came to Waldorf!

Very exciting to have this opportunity to bring many voices together, ( I think that's a theme here now!?!), from all different 'tastes' of Waldorf.

We are a family of six. Mummy, Daddy, Tiger, Frog, Bird and Panther.
Children currently 7,6,4,2.
Hmn, let's call us the Ark Family!

For the most part we have unschooled. However, I had quite a panic when Tiger was well into his first officially homeschooled year. Many of his peers were reading, doing workbooks and having fixed sit down times with an academic focus. I got 'The Well Trained Mind' and flirted with that for a bit, looked at workbooks and reading schemes. Taught some letters and read 'Bob books'.

I suppose ultimately we are eclectic, as I liked some ideas I came across, but the emphasis on reading was something that would not sit with me, ( or Tiger!!!).

Then I asked on a home ed group if there was anyone doing 'Waldorf', and I was given links to a number of different sites. Christopherus was the one which resonated with me.


I was so relieved to find a whole crew of people just 'being' and learning with their children around family life, rather than stressing to fit family life around education.

Sounds like unschooling a little!?!
Well, yes and no.

Waldorf - with the Christopherus angle - fit my picture of flexible, but with parental support and gentle boundaries. The parent led rhythm, the crafts and creativity were just what I wanted to work with in our lives. Donna doesn't have the Waldorf police syndrome.
Not that I agree with anyone 100% ,) or that I necessarily represent Donna fairly here! You can see her in action here and here to make up your own mind!

In truth, I see it as an aim, a flight path to our educational outlook. There is more of the unschooling in our daily lives, but our educational milestones are plotted against a Waldorf timetable. We do blocks, just not with a three day rhythm, eeek! but yes, I'm stating it publicly for all to condemn,)

It works! I feel excited to be homeschooling again, not under pressure to perform.


Home schooling is such a privilege, and finding our personal family balance with Waldorf, or any other approach, is what makes it a success.

As a footnote, I'm also a wahm for where we sell some Christopherus materials.
I say this not to promote my buisness, ( I'm terrible at promoting anything. I just feel embarassed! and I love the resources that much that I want to give them to everyone), but really for integrity. If you happen to be in the UK then it is nice to know that they are available here too. Though Donna sends worldwide herself. and btw Ekernel is shut for a couple of days atm anyway!!! so if you *are* intrigued, (I'll make a business lady yet!?), do look in next week to see what else we offer...

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