Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Beginnings

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

For the last few months I've had this dream. It was about a place where like-minded, Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers can connect on an even, community platform and visually share their inspired lessons and ideas. A place where we could work together to archive those ideas and easily access them to assist in our own lesson planning and inspiration.

I hope you'll dream with me!
This team blog is open to all homeschoolers who are using Waldorf-inspired methods, whether they are using them exclusively or are melding that inspiration with other educational methods and theories (unschooling, Enki, Charlotte Mason, etc.)

If you're interested in joining, please send an email to tasteofwaldorf AT gmail DOT com. Through Blogger, I'll send you an invitation to join and you can post as much - or as little - as you want! Links, pictures, lessons, ideas-- the sky is the limit!

I hope you'll feel welcome here!


1. Is there a time limit to join?

This community blog is ongoing; you can join anytime.

2. How do I join the Taste of Waldorf blog?
Send an email to tasteofwaldorf AT gmail DOT com. Provide me with your name/email address and blog address.

3. What happens when I send an e-mail to join?
I'll send you an invite through Blogger. Blogger will send you a link to confirm your membership. If you have a Blogger username, enter this and your password and you're all set. If you do not have a Blogger username, you will need to create one before you'll be a member.

4. Do I need a blog to join?
No, only an email address. However, when you sign up, you will be asked to create a username, and you can create a blog (for free!) at this time.

5. How do I post a picture?
When you create a new Blogger post, you'll see icons above the text you're typing. Click on the icon on the right; this will pop up a window that has a few options. You can upload a picture from your computer, insert a picture from a website (use this option if you've already uploaded a picture elsewhere), and select where in the post the picture will be placed. When you've entered the necessary information, select "upload picture" and Blogger will automatically insert the code into your post.

6. How do I link my name to my website?
If you enter a website URL into that field in your profile, the posts you make will link your name to your website. That feature isn't working. I've added a list of contributors in the side bar that links to each person's blogger profile. Also, feel free to incorporate a link to your blog in your post.

7. Is joining the Taste of Waldorf blog and joining the Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers Web Ring the same thing?
No. These are two separate entities. This blog acts as the hub for the web ring. You are invited to join either or both. To find out more information about the Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers web ring go here.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers Web Ring

Welcome! This web ring was created in May 2007. We hope that as it grows it can serve as a tool to connect families who have chosen to homeschool using Waldorf-inspired methods, either exclusively or in conjunction with other educational methods (unschooling, Enki, Charlotte Mason, etc.,) so that we may support and inspire each other.

How do I join the Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers Web Ring?

It's easy. Simply, click on "Join Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers Web Ring" here or in the sidebar on the left. You will be taken to, where you'll be asked for basic information about your website. Then you will be given the "ring code," which is the HTML that you'll need to put on your homepage (this is what makes the "button" appear). The easiest way is to copy and paste. Once the ring code is up and running on your page, your site will be checked and added to the list.

How do I leave the Waldorf-Inspired Homeschoolers Web Ring?

Just erase the html code from your homepage, and you will be removed from the list. You're welcome to rejoin at any time you'd like.

What are the Rules?

1. You must have a blog where you periodically talk about Waldorf-Inspired homeschooling.
2. You must post regularly.
3. The ring code must be correct and visible on the page where your blog is located.

Need more help setting up the ring code on your page? Try the RingSurf forum or email your question to tasteofwaldorf AT gmail DOT com. We're no experts, but we'll try to help.
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